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A Growing Group of Individuals & Companies Passionate about Healthy Living Technologies

The Ecotek Team is a continually growing group of individuals and companies that enjoy working with Environmental Technologies to help change and improve our internal and external living conditions. Frequently discussed as ‘Healthy Living Technologies’ or simply our ‘Well-being’, it is the ability to seek out and destroy harmful chemicals and toxins that impact our everyday lives.

As a Team, we are not limited to the technology’s that are introduced and discussed in these few pages and images, but we all hope that each of us will add to this library as our journey continues, by sharing our knowledge and experiences gained along the way.

We truly are a Global and International T.E.A.M. of people, diverse in our backgrounds and multi-talented from our professions and individual journey’s, represented in North America, Australia, N.Z., Europe and the U.K., all enjoying the opportunity of helping and working with each other and excited about listening, learning and growth…

A quote from Sushtra:

“the greatest gift of all is ‘The Gift of Health’, the greatest medicine of all, is to teach others how not to need it”

Kimberley and Ian, founders of the Ecotek Group, look forward to working with you.

Do not hesitate to contact us through our other websites, at the top of the page or alternatively by telephoning our office on: 01306 888366. Or please use our contact form

Email: ian@ecotekgroup.com or mobile: 07753 612510
website: www.ianoakley.co.uk

Email: kim@ecotekgroup.com – or mobile: 07753 612520
website: www.dorkingtherapists.co.uk/counselling


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A Passion for Healthy Living TechnologiesRead the Ian Oakley blog Founder of Ecotek ltd, engineer and passionate, professional speaker on the subject of Healthy Living Technologies

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